Deantapur’s folding oven door is an experiment in design and engineering

I first saw this oven door in my local Walmart, which is where the concept for this door first began to take shape.

A Walmart store in Deantaps, a town of about 200 people, has about 700 employees, so it’s a small town, but it has a lot of people.

When we walk into the store, we’re greeted by a huge display of old TVs, computers, and refrigerators.

I can’t help but feel like these things are part of a collection of things that are somehow missing in my life.

My mom and my friends come in and we buy a few things, but as soon as they leave, we realize we’re back in the living room.

We see this display for the first time and we immediately start imagining what it could be like to be inside.

We go to the back and we start talking about the future of the world.

“It’s going to be cool,” we think.

“We’ll be able to have a refrigerator that’s a million times more efficient.”

“The air in this room will be so much cleaner than what we have now,” we say, “that it will actually smell better.”

In our minds, these are just dreams.

But we’re not dreaming about these things.

These are actual concepts that we’re building inside our own homes.

And it’s this experience that allows us to truly understand the concept of the future, because if we don’t, then it doesn’t matter how much we work on the idea, because it’s just a piece of our daily lives.

The concept of folding oven doors is actually something that Deantapping’s residents have been experimenting with for a while now, with a couple of different concepts.

It was first announced in 2015, when the local municipality put out a press release that mentioned a new kind of folding door called the “Deantapura”.

This door was meant to fold into itself, making it easier to store food, and the Deantappers eventually went back and added a second door, which we can now see in action.

This door has a curved base, which folds out in two halves.

It’s supposed to be more comfortable for people, but also to give people the ability to have more space for food, which Deantapped is really interested in.

It also has a door on each side that can be rotated 90 degrees.

These doors can also fold in to themselves, like a suitcase or a suitcase on its side, but then you can fold the whole thing back down into itself.

The idea is that you can store food inside the oven without worrying about it sliding off or damaging the oven itself.

This has been tested by several local businesses in Deanthapur, and this is what Deantaping’s CEO, Dr. Thamil Goyal, has been describing to us, explaining how it works.

“The idea is to make the oven a place where you can be free from all the hassle of having to store it,” he says.

It works by using this idea of using two doors.

One side of the door folds down and folds back up, so you can open it and store food on the other side, which means that it can be folded back up and stored again.

And, like in a suitcase, you can rotate it 90 degrees and store it inside the fridge, so that you have more storage space.

When it’s folded in, it folds like a folded suitcase and the inside of the oven, the food, is really small.

You can’t have a whole kitchen and a whole fridge in there.

That’s because the size of the food inside will be limited, so the food needs to be stored in a different place.

When the Deanto doors are in place, they are actually quite simple.

They have a hinge, and a sliding hinge that folds down into the oven.

When you turn the door, it’s actually turning a piece that is made of steel and is about the size, in diameter, of a dime.

It has a big handle on one side and a handle on the back of the other.

This handle is attached to a frame on the bottom of the hinge, which can also be flipped to open and close the door.

This is where you have a very simple concept of a folding oven.

And there’s another door, that has a different shape, and it has another hinge.

These hinges have two sets of handles.

When these handles are closed, they’re actually turning the hinge on the top.

The door opens and it folds down, and you can get more space inside the refrigerator.

This idea of a folded oven door also has some advantages over traditional folding ovens.

The doors can be used for storing food, rather than being a way to store groceries.

Deantapor has also experimented with using a more conventional folding oven with different materials and construction.

“A lot of times, you have these huge steel doors, and they’re so heavy

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