How plastic folding door covers could cost more than $3,000

The world’s largest plastic folding wall is expected to cost an extra $3 million and up to $5 million to install, according to a report from consumer watchdog group Consumer Reports.

The plastic cover is likely to be installed at new construction sites that would not normally require building a new building.

“The plastic covered door is designed to provide a barrier against moisture and pests while still allowing occupants to open the door, but consumers have not been fully consulted,” the report says.

“It’s possible that a new construction company could install the plastic covered doors in a manner that would cost an additional $3.5 million.”

It’s unclear if the plastic cover will be the only barrier.

Manufacturers are testing a similar plastic barrier system in the United Kingdom, where the government said it will spend about $7.5m to install the cover at its two new homes.

Consumer Reports also found that the cover would likely cost more to maintain than it would cost to replace.

In some cases, the plastic will need to be replaced annually.

According to the report, a new system could cost as much as $4,000 to replace each door.

If plastic covers cost more, how do we know they’re not dangerous?

Consumer Reports’ report says the door covers would be “safe to use” and the manufacturers should be responsible for the cost of cleaning up after them.

For example, if a door is damaged and the manufacturer is responsible for replacing the plastic, the manufacturer should ensure the door cover was washed before it was installed.

There are also concerns about whether door covers pose a risk to pets.

The paper says that dogs, cats and other pets that come into contact with the cover could become ill or die from exposure to the plastic.

To make sure that door covers don’t pose a safety risk, Consumer Reports recommends that all new construction projects consider installing a plastic barrier.

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