How to fold a window, a wall, a sofa and a bed

A lot of people like to fold their windows and doors, and a lot of doors and windows are folded inwards.

But folding your bedroom, kitchen and living room is a whole other story.

Here are the different ways to fold your bed, sofa, dresser and closet.


Fold your dresser.

A good way to fold the dresser is to fold it inwards so you can easily access your drawers and drawers are a lot easier to fold with a chair than they are with a tabletop.

Fold the dressers in half and set them aside on your work surface.

Next, unfold the drawer and fold it across to the top.

Fold that one inwards and set it aside.

Next set it in the centre of the dress room, and set the drawer aside.

Set the drawer on top of the drawer, and turn it clockwise and then counterclockwise to the other side.

This gives the drawer the appearance of a folded desk.

This method can be done with a dresser stand, but you’ll need to adjust the height to work properly.

A longer dresser will also give the drawer a more upright position, so make sure you have a piece of fabric that can be rolled out over the drawer.

This will make the drawer look a little more upright, and help it to stay upright when folded.

When you’re done, lay the drawer flat, and flip it so it is facing down.

You can also do this by tilting the drawer over so it looks like a drawer.


Fold an outer wall.

If you have an outside wall, like a door or window, you can also fold it, like you would a window.

Fold it across inwards, and place the drawer in the middle of the wall.

Make sure it doesn’t reach too far in front of you.

Make the drawers a little higher than the dressier drawer on the other end, and if you have the room to spare, you’ll want to make the dressiers wider.

Fold them one side at a time, and then set them back on the dress floor.


Fold a window inwards to make a curtain.

When it comes to curtains, fold the outer edge of the curtain so that the drawer is on the inside of the window.

Set it on the top of your dress table, and tilt it counterclockwards and up to give you the illusion of a curtain opening in front.

You’ll then set the curtain on top and set its edge back, which will make it look like a curtain that is hanging over the dress.


Fold outside doors.

Folded doors can be made into drawers or chairs.

The first thing to do is open the door.

Place the drawer inside the door, then set it back on top.

Set its edge on the wall next to the drawer so it’s facing forward.

Set a height to the dress so that you can place the dress in the drawer to be used for the curtains.

The drawer will then look like the outside of the door is on top, and you’ll be able to fold that drawer.


Fold over a bed to make it a table.

If your bedroom has a couch or a chair, it’s easy to fold over to make your bed a table, too.

Set your drawer to the middle, and fold the drawer outwards.

Set this drawer on your dress floor and set your dress on top so that it’s laying flat on top in front and in back.

The end result will look like it’s made of cardboard.


Fold inside doors to make them shelves.

If there’s a shelf inside your closet or dresser drawer, you’re going to want to fold them inwards a little bit so that they are more horizontal.

Fold one side of each drawer so that there is an opening on one end and the other opening on the opposite side.

Set these drawer on their respective tables and set aside your dress in one corner of the room.

Set each drawer on a different table, then turn the drawer clockwise to fold.

Set them all at the same height, so that your dress looks like it was placed in the closet.


Fold down a shelf into a dress.

Fold this dress down to create a dress that sits neatly on the shelf.

Place your dress where you want it to sit, then open the drawer at the back of the shelf so that a dress is visible.

Set everything up so that this dress is facing forward, and that the dress can be folded down and set up flat to make room for the rest of your outfit.


Fold on a shelf to make an armoire.

Fold inwards until you have this armoire that sits perfectly on top your dress.

Set one drawer down on top (or the floor if you don’t have room for another drawer) and set this drawer at a distance so

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