How to fold a Durban folding door

It’s not that Durban’s foldable doors don’t fold.

It’s that they’re rather complicated to use.

To get the door to open, you have to remove the latch, slide the door back, and then slide the latch again.

This process can take some practice.

So when I walked into the building in Durban and tried to open my doors with a few seconds’ effort, I was greeted by a loud crack.

I knew something was wrong.

I walked over to the front desk, and they told me I had to get back to the office.

A couple of minutes later, I had my door opened.

The doors opened, and I walked through the doors to find that I couldn’t open them, which is why they are now in the “locked” position.

To make things even more confusing, the doors are not all the same.

There’s a sliding door between the main door and the entry door, and a sliding sliding door that comes out from between the entry and main doors.

There are no keys to unlock the doors.

The only way to open the doors is to remove and replace the latch on the door, which means that you will have to use a hammer to break it.

When I tried to break the latch with my hammer, I made a big mess, which the receptionist said I should have avoided.

I tried opening the doors with the door on the outside and then sliding the door into the main entrance, but the doors weren’t working.

I didn’t have a hammer, so I had no choice but to leave my door on my side, and the doors wouldn’t open.

My first thought was that they were broken.

So I thought about the locks.

It turns out that when the doors first came on, the locks were the ones that worked.

But when I tried them again, I could not unlock the door.

After several tries, I finally had luck, and when I opened the door again, the door was unlocked.

So it turns out the locks are actually the door locks that the door is supposed to open with.

So this door lock is actually just the door door, so it’s a lock that you don’t have to try to open.

I hope that explains how the doors can be locked without using a hammer.

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