NBA fan folds door for Cavs game

The Cleveland Cavaliers have officially made it to the NBA Finals, but they haven’t even made it onto the television screen.

The Cavaliers have yet to make the playoffs, but that hasn’t stopped LeBron James from watching the games.

That’s why the Cavs are a fan favorite.

The Cleveland Cavaliers will be heading to the Finals for the first time in the history of the NBA.

They’re playing the Boston Celtics in the second round, and the Cavaliers are the favorites.

They have the best record in the NBA, with a .500 record.

And they’ve been doing a lot of winning lately.

They are winning the East, and they have been doing it against elite teams.

But when the Cavs finally make the postseason, they’ll be facing a team who has won an NBA championship in six of the past seven years.

It’s the Boston Bruins, and it’s going to be a battle.

Boston has been playing great basketball for the past few years.

They haven’t lost in a quarter century, and have won five Stanley Cups in the past eight seasons.

The Bruins have also made the playoffs in six straight years, and won three Stanley Cups.

That success has led to a reputation for being a great team.

It has led them to some impressive results over the years, including an undefeated record and a playoff berth in each of the last two seasons.

But this season is different.

The Bruins haven’t been the dominant force they were in years past, and their roster is a bit different than last year’s team.

The team has undergone a significant rebuild.

The front office has overhauled the roster, and has made some big trades.

But they haven.

The team that will be the real threat to Boston will be Boston’s star power.

The biggest name in Boston is the reigning MVP, Kevin Garnett.

He will be a huge threat to the Cavs in the Finals.

In the past two seasons, Garnett has averaged 23.3 points, 8.5 rebounds, 2.8 assists and 1.3 steals per game, which is nearly three per game more than anyone else in the league.

He is one of the best three-point shooters in the game.

He also averages almost a triple-double per game.

It might not seem like much, but it’s a lot for a player who’s only ever played one season in the National Basketball Association.

He averaged over 19 points, 10 rebounds and eight assists in the 2013-14 season.

This year, he will be coming back to the league, and he will have another superstar on his team.

Kevin Love, who has averaged 19.2 points, 11.2 rebounds and 9.5 assists this season, will be one of those guys.

Love is one who is very versatile and can score on almost any play.

He can score from the perimeter, defend the paint, and can be a scoring option for a team.

He is a player that LeBron James is going to have to watch a lot more than Kevin Love in the playoffs.

The Cavs have a lot to worry about.

But, when they play the Celtics, LeBron James will be able to watch Garnett, Love and the rest of the team, and know how to react to any play that might put the Celtics in a position to win.

Garnett has been a huge part of the Cavs’ success this season.

He has led the team in scoring, rebounding, assists and steals.

The only other player in the conference that he hasn’t played against is James Harden.

Garnett is a superstar in this NBA, and LeBron James can’t afford to lose him.

The Cavs’ offense is not only great, but also one of their most consistent offensive performances in years.

The Celtics have been one of a handful of teams to score the most points in the Eastern Conference.

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t a team that can score.

They lead the league in three-pointers made per game and the second best field goal percentage.

It seems that LeBron is going all in on the Cavs this season and wants to see his team score points.

But that doesn.

He’s going with his best player in Kevin Love.

Love has had a big year for the Cavaliers this season as well, averaging 20.9 points and 10.7 rebounds per game this season in just under 20 minutes per game (compared to his career average of 16.7 points per game).

He is averaging a career high in assists per game of 19.5, which ranks him fourth in the entire league.

And he’s a big part of why LeBron is able to keep scoring.

The NBA is a team sport, and Kevin Love is going into this year with the biggest expectations of anyone on the team.

Love will have to be one the most important players for the Cavs to win the championship this year.

If he can do that, the Cavs will have a legitimate chance at winning their first championship since 2000. If they

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