Which Chinese company can really make your life easier?

A new company wants to turn your smartphone into a mini-tablet.

The company, called Fold, is aiming to turn smartphone screens into foldable pocket-size tablets, and its CEO said the goal is to help people with mobility issues get back to work.

“We’re bringing together a group of people with disabilities and a wide range of medical needs, including mobility issues,” Fold CEO Paul Lee told Ars.

The idea is that people with an app like HandyCam could fold their hands into a tablet, which could then be used for video chatting, taking photos, or playing games.

The foldable tablet, though, will be limited to 10 square feet, according to Fold’s website.

It’s unclear whether Fold will offer a cheaper or more powerful version of the device.

The smartphone fold concept was first introduced at CES in February, when Fold announced the “HandyCam” foldable smartphone.

The product, a foldable iPhone case, has been a huge success for Fold, and Lee has been bullish about its prospects.

“I’m a believer that mobile technology can help people, and we’re not just bringing folding into the fold,” Lee told Business Insider.

“Our goal is not just to help more people with the mobility issues, but also to make mobility even more accessible.”

Fold’s Fold tablet, the new Fold iPhone, and Fold iPad prototype.

The new Fold phone could come with a large touchscreen for videos and video chat, and also include a built-in speaker.

Fold said the smartphone Fold tablet and Fold smartphone prototypes will be available this year.

The first smartphone prototypes, however, have only been shown to press, and it’s not clear whether the phones will ship.

“The device will be released first, and then we will work with manufacturers to build them for consumers,” Lee said.

“This will help us develop products and build partnerships that are more impactful than anything we’ve done before.”

Fold is hoping to build on the success of the iPhone folding smartphone prototype that was first shown to a press at CES.

The Fold iPhone prototype is just one prototype that Fold has shown to journalists.

The prototypes, which cost around $250, use a “flexible” screen and the Fold tablet.

The screen has a rectangular shape that folds up into a smaller tablet when folded.

The phones also have a built in speaker and can be easily swapped out with the Fold smartphone if needed.

The prototype phones use an accelerometer to help them navigate.

Fold says the company plans to sell the phone in “several markets” in China, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Taiwan, but that it expects to begin shipping to the United States in the next few months.

“In the coming years, we expect to be the first manufacturer to introduce a foldible smartphone in the US,” Lee wrote in a blog post.

“Fold will be offering this foldable device at a low price, making it a great choice for people with limited mobility resources.”

The Fold smartphone prototype is not a fold-able phone; it has a small touchscreen that folds into a folding device.

Fold smartphone.

Fold’s smartphone fold prototype is only one prototype.

Fold has been working with manufacturers for a few years to develop a folding smartphone.

Back in 2012, the company showed off a foldy smartphone with a touchscreen that could fold into a laptop.

But the Fold prototype phones didn’t feature a touchscreen, so Fold had to work with a screen-embedded device.

Lee told The Verge the smartphone was designed to be foldable and could be used to take video calls or chat with friends.

“If you have a phone, you have access to a smartphone app,” Lee explained.

“A smartphone app is an interface for your phone, and for us, we think of a smartphone as an app.

It does all the stuff that a smartphone does.

So, if you have the Fold app on your phone and it can fold, then it becomes an interface, and that interface becomes the phone.”

The company’s goal is that smartphone owners with mobility challenges will be able to use the phone to take videos and take photos with their hands.

“When you get to that point, then you have all of these possibilities for making these foldable smartphones more accessible to people with a wide variety of mobility issues.

You can get an Android smartphone that has the Fold App on it and it is an iOS smartphone that you can use the Fold Phone app to take photos,” Lee continued.

“So, if the Fold phone has a touchscreen and you can take a photo with your hands, you could take a picture and have it fold, and this fold could be accessible to all these people.”

The smartphone Fold smartphone and Fold tablet prototype.

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