‘Dumbfounded’: Woman walks into a home with no curtains in an ‘unbelievable’ incident

A woman has walked into a property with no curtain in an “unbelieveable” incident after opening the door to her bedroom to check if her neighbours were in, police said.

Police said the woman and her husband were in their home in East Lothian, Edinburgh, when the woman’s son returned home from school, leaving her to check the curtains.

She found the curtains were loose and her son in the bedroom, so she called the police.

“The lady went into the room to check on her son and realised that there was no curtain, no curtains on the bed, there was just a foldable partition and there was nothing to hide,” said Detective Sergeant John MacGregor.

The neighbour who lives in the house had a key in his bedroom and was not aware of the curtains being left open.

They went into her bedroom and discovered a number of other items, including a laptop, headphones and an electronic device.

It is believed that the neighbour did not have the right keys to the door and was unable to open the door.

Officers arrived at the house shortly after 9am on Sunday, and the woman, who did not want to be named, said her son had told her the curtains had been left open, and they had no idea what was happening.

After officers spoke to the neighbours, they discovered that they had left a note in the door explaining the incident and asking them to take down the notice and contact the police, Detective Sergeant MacGregar said.

The woman, from Blackpool, said she had been in a “state of disbelief” when she first saw the curtains “open and close” and thought “I don’t know what’s going on”.

“I didn’t realise there was a curtain in the room and it just took me by surprise,” she said.

“I don.t know what to do.

I’ve been very shaken up and really upset.”

She said she was left “speechless” and had been “completely shocked” by the incident.

Detective Sergeant MacGerrard said the family had been contacted by the Edinburgh Fire and Rescue Service and were looking into what had happened.

He said police were aware of an incident involving a woman in a house in Edinburgh earlier this month where she opened the door when a family member was in the bathroom.

A spokesman for Edinburgh Fire Service said: “We have received reports of a woman walking into her own home in Edinburgh and opening the curtains in her bedroom.

We have contacted the woman to investigate.”

The spokeswoman said it was important to speak to the woman first.

‘They were in the middle of the night’A spokeswoman for the Scottish Fire and Emergency Service said it had been alerted to the incident at around 9.30am on Saturday.

A spokeswoman said the incident was “very concerning” and it was “extremely important” that people reported the incident to the authorities.

Scotland Fire and Life said in a statement: “Fire and emergency services have been notified of an unauthorised entry to a property in Eastlothian and are currently investigating.”

We would urge anyone who has seen the incident, who is in the area and may be able to assist with the investigation, to contact police.

“In Scotland, anyone who sees suspicious behaviour should report it to the police and, if they believe they have witnessed something suspicious, contact a police officer.

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