Why the world’s first folding door looks more like a car’s rear hatch

A world first has been unveiled in a US garage by car makers Subaru and BMW, but it has prompted the question: Why are they doing it?

It’s a foldable door that folds in half for easy transport and storage.

When it’s closed it is then open and can be folded down again.

Subaru and the other carmakers behind the design say it can be used to store cargo, as well as being a way to keep things organised in a car.

But is it a great idea?

It looks like a folding car, but is it worth it?

“We’ve been thinking about this for a while,” said Mike Cottam, senior vice president of Subaru North America.

“What we wanted to do is to have the most attractive, simple design for our customers and also make sure we could build the car and not worry about getting into a lot of design issues.”

The car, called the Bumble Bee, is designed to fold in half.

It has no windows, and can only be folded up in half with the doors open.

The folding door is actually designed to look like a rear hatch, so the inside of the door can be opened up with the windows closed.

But Subaru and its partner car makers have come up with something completely different.

The Bumble Bees door is completely enclosed, and folds out like a hatch.

When the door is opened it folds down into a flat roof that can be rolled down.

And when the doors are closed, the roof is rolled back in, so there is no visible gap.

“We thought about this from the very beginning,” said Mr Cottamp.

“Our engineers have always had the ability to fold cars in half.”

So how did Subaru come up to the design?

It took a bit of research, says Subaru, as the company looked into the design of other folding car models.

The company found out about folding cars from Toyota’s folding car concept and also looked into folding cars for Ford.

But Mr Cotam says Subaru did not want to have a product that was too expensive.

“They did not know what it would cost,” he said.

It’s not the first time the world has seen a car that folds, either. “

I’m a bit surprised to be honest, but they’ve had the funding to do it, so I’m really happy.”

It’s not the first time the world has seen a car that folds, either.

In 2015, Audi unveiled a car called the S1 folding concept that could be folded into a fold-down suitcase.

And in 2013, BMW unveiled the Fold 2 folding concept.

But there are still some unanswered questions about the new car.

The interior of the foldable car is designed so that it’s not a folded down car, meaning it can’t fold down completely.

It also doesn’t have any windows, which means it can only open and close with the front doors open, and the rear doors open with the rear windows closed, which could lead to the car’s interior opening up.

And while there’s no window on the roof, the car still folds down so there’s a gap in the roof that is clearly visible.

“The interior is completely sealed and closed, but the exterior has a very small window in the middle that can easily be closed,” said Toyota Japan boss Masayoshi Kato.

“And the car is not actually folded.”

The Fold 2, however, has a fold out rear hatch.

It opens and closes like a fold in a suitcase.

“There is no gap in it,” Mr Kato said.

But Toyota also made a mistake when it released the Fold 3 in 2013.

The Fold 3 had a fold down rear hatch that opened up like a folded suitcase.

But it could only open up with a car door open, so it wasn’t a fold like a suitcase and was also a car in a fold.

But that’s not how the Fold 4 is going to be made.

It folds out from the inside, making it a folded car that can open and open up.

The car is completely closed up, and it’s completely sealed from the outside.

So the car folds in, but there is a gap between the car door and the roof of the car.

“But there is not a gap that can go into the roof,” said Subaru boss Takashi Iwai.

“So the car has a great look.”

It looks good, but isn’t it worth the money?

“It is not the world-leading foldable vehicle, but I believe it is one of the most popular vehicles,” said Ms D’Arcy.

“For Subaru, it is a really important product to introduce to the market.” Ms D

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