When a company makes a new folding door, the internet is going nuts: ‘It’s so cool’

A company that has been making folding doors since at least the 1960s has finally made a folding door that folds into itself.

The new product is the “Ravana”, a new design that is more comfortable to use, more efficient and more secure than previous versions.

The company is called Avi, and it announced the new version of the Razama on Wednesday at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Avi CEO and founder Shabnam Zahra says it’s the first time he’s seen a company make a folding doorway that’s made from carbon fiber.

“It’s the only time I’ve ever seen a folding product come from carbon,” he says.

“But there are a lot of different options out there.”

A carbon fiber door is also stronger, longer lasting and more durable than metal or plastic.

The Ravana folds into the side of the door to make a larger entrance and exit.

The front of the Ravnaa is made from a carbon fiber composite, while the rear of the doors is made of a polymer.

Avis also has a small pocket in the door that is designed to hold a camera or wallet.

The Razama also features a magnetic closure system that works to lock the door securely when it’s open.

The opening flap is designed for ease of movement.

Ava has a team of engineers, designers and technicians working on the new doors.

The doors are the latest in Avi’s line of products, and the company says it is working on more folding doors.

“The Ravanas are the first folding door to have a carbon-fiber core, which gives them the most efficient, most secure and most compact folding door on the market,” Zahra said in a statement.

The product’s price tag is unknown, but Zahra noted that it will be about $20,000.

Avia said that the new Ravas are designed to fold down to the size of a phone, and they will be available for the next 12 months.

The door will also have a built-in camera and can store cards, wallets, and other items.

The “Ravanas” will be made in China.

The first Ravanas have already been on the marketplace, and Zahra and his team are working on adding other models to the lineup.

Avs new Razama doors also have an improved design and better ergonomics, Avi said.

“These are just the first versions, and we’re looking forward to continuing to iterate,” Zahras company said in its announcement.

“Rapture” is the name for the company’s new design, which has a different color scheme and is made out of carbon fiber instead of plastic.

“Avi’s Rafanas will be an exciting product for the future of our company,” Zahran said in the company statement.

“We are excited to bring this innovative new product to market.”

The new Razamas are also available in three colors, blue, white and black.

The products are expected to ship in the second quarter of 2018.

The design of the new Razas is expected to be available soon.

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