How to fold an architect’s folding door

A new kind of architectural folding door is coming to market, one that can fold into a door frame or a wall.

The modular door can be configured to fit to any angle of a wall and is capable of opening from either side.

The door’s modular construction is similar to a sliding door, but it’s the ability to open both ways that makes it a revolutionary idea.

The new door, which has a price tag of about $10,000, is the result of the design work of architecture professor and engineer Daniele Castagnoli.

The key to the modular door is that it can be attached to the frame, rather than to the wall itself.

This means that the door can open and close without having to break the wall.

It’s also much easier to maintain than traditional door designs.

According to the researchers behind the design, the modular system is “designed to be easily and securely fixed to the interior wall of a building and easily and reliably removed from the exterior wall.”

In other words, the door is very easy to fix if you need it.

And the doors are built to last, the researchers said, with no need for maintenance.

But the modular design also means the door could have some limitations.

For example, the doors won’t fold into other doors, which is a limitation the researchers hope to address.

The researchers said that the doors could also have some drawbacks for people with mobility issues.

For instance, the designers said, the modules would need to be folded into a specific configuration.

They also noted that the modular doors would require some extra steps in order to open.

It will be interesting to see how these designs turn out, and whether they have an impact on the market for these door designs, which are already popular in the U.S. The design was published in the journal Scientific Reports.

[Image credits: Getty Images, Google News]

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